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Broadcast Equipment Auctions

broadcast equipment auctions

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broadcast equipment auctions - Noise Made

Noise Made By People

Noise Made By People

Five years on, Broadcast (one of Britain's finest groups of pop experimentalists) finally got around to releasing a proper debut full-length. The group's sound veers from skewed, downtempo electronic pop to weirdly accessible analog futurism in the course of one song; it is simply delightful cocktail lounge music for the postmodern sophisticate in you. By turns eerie, uplifting, and enchanting, The Noise Made by People was well worth the wait. --Mike McGonigal

Back in 1997, U.K.-based Warp Records released a quirky mini-album of rare material from its newest signing, a little-known experimental pop band from Birmingham called Broadcast. Eyebrows were raised. Why had Warp--a hard-edged techno label famed for its avant-garde output from electronic pioneers like Aphex Twin--signed this quirky, retro- obsessed West Midlands five-piece? The reason is simple: Broadcast is a very talented band. This much is proved by their brilliant debut, The Noise Made by People. The album's skewed electronic pop and retrofuturism most resemble the analog styling of Stereolab and original krautrock musicians such as Can and Neu. Yet Broadcast's sound is wonderfully unique, an enchanting mixture of analog synth sounds and West Coast psychedelia fused with '90s electronica and indie-pop sensibilities. With the addition of haunting and occasionally chilling vocals from singer Trish Keenan, the effect is at times mesmerizing. The Noise Made by People is an eerie, uplifting, and enchanting debut album from one of Britain's best-kept secrets. --Matt Anniss

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tv channels broadcasting to the nation. BBC broadcasting various television programmes to suit the wider audience due to the audience paying the licence fee. Additionally broadcasting news to the world as well as soap dramas.



Broadcast at The Troubadour on May 7, 2003. Photographed for Under the Radar Magazine by Wendy Lynch Redfern.

broadcast equipment auctions

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broadcast equipment auctions

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